‘Cenk Blonk’ Puppeteer

Many Show Orders for Tumpek Wayang



In Bali, the puppet shadow play is closely associated with yajna (holy sacrifice). It functions as complement of rituals. The ritual performer usually ‘organizes’ the show of leather puppet for the sake of invoking purification to the Puppeteer, who is believed to give safety.

There are two kinds of puppet in Bali, namely wayang kulit (leather puppet) and wayang wong (human puppet). Leather puppet shadow is the art of shadow theatre of which players consisting of two-dimensional figures made of carved leather and played by a puppeteer. Meanwhile, wayang wong is a performance of which players consisting of masked persons.

Today, less youngsters like this puppet shadow play so it’s identical to performance for the old. It’s different from the ‘Cenk Blonk’ puppet shadow. The puppeteer who is from Belayu Village, Marga, Tabanan is always busy to make presentation for the show organizer.

Cenk Blonk of which presentation filled up with humorous nuance is not only intended for rituals, but also more for entertainment purpose. Moreover, on the Tumpek Wayang, Cenk Blonk that is chaired by Jero Dalang I Wayan Nardayana had myriads of orders. “I’d like to provide with distinctive presentation with my own style. In order not to be left by his aficionados, the puppet shadow play must be dynamic and capable of presenting subject matters relevant to the current situation,” said Nardayana to Bali Travel News at his home.

As if the appearance of Cenk Blonk re-stimulated the spectator community of leather puppet shadow. Its evidence, the Cenk Blonk puppet also favoured by all groups of community, either rural, urban or hotel community. According to him, the name Cenk Blonk is slip of the tongue made by the Balinese themselves. It’s derived from the name Nang (Mr.) Klenceng and Nang Ceblong who are the royal servants other than the main ones like Merdah, Tualen, Sangut and Delem.

The puppeteer Nardayana packs this traditional art show in such a way. Other than prominent figures, he also presents various auxiliary figures. These amusing figures really draw laughter of spectators. Its accompaniment usually employs gender instrument in collaboration with other gamelan instruments like Gong Kebyar, Bleganjur and Semarandana. Sometimes, it’s also combined with gerong (choir) that chanted by women.

To give different image, this shadow theatre also supported by modern instruments like lighting, sound system and so forth. However, it remains to present the theme and narrative packed with fresh humour along with moral messages. “Shadow theatre should be creative. If monotonous, viewers will get bored,” said the father of two children who was born at 5 July 1965.

Due to many orders, so if you’d like to make a reservation today, your request will be confirmed for the show time in next four or five months. For once show, the organizer should prepare the budget amounting to IDR 5.5 to 6 million plus consumption for 25 crews.  


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